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About us...

The Department of English Language and Literature is the largest foreign language department of the Faculty of Letters, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, and one of the most important in Romania.

It has highly enthusiastic, fully qualified members in the main specializations at undergraduate and MA levels that it offers, i.e. English Language and Literature, American Studies, Translation Studies, Terminology, Interpreting and Applied Linguistics.These are also the main areas of study and research for our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

There is considerable opportunity for staff members and students to participate in research groups, conferences and other activities. The peer-reviewed printed and e-journal LINGUACULTURE is one of our successful projects – to which both outstanding Romanian and international scholars as well as successful MA and PhD graduates have contributed.

The Department of English of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi was set up in 1925 when Iancu (Ioan) Botez (1872-1947) was appointed professor of English literature and civilization.




  • Scholarships available for a 2-week Summer school in Seggau

    The Graz International Summer School Seggau has 2 more CEEPUS scholarships for internationally oriented, highly motivated students from all disciplines.
    This is an excellent and unique possibility to spend two weeks abroad this summer, from July 2 to July 15, 2017. CEEPUS students only have to pay a room and board fee of €380.- instead of the full participation fee of €1500.- as the participation is covered by the network.

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  • În atenția studenților de anul II - Examen de licență IULIE 2018

    Actualii studenţi ai anului II care doresc să susţină lucrarea de licenţă pentru specializările Engleză A și B (inclusiv LMA şi Studii Americane) sunt rugați ca în perioadele

    15 - 31 mai sau 1 octombrie - 1 noiembrie 2017

    să își aleagă un profesor îndrumător și o temă generală pentru susținerea lucrării de licență pentru sesiunea IULIE 2018.

    Lista cu profesorii îndrumători, temele generale care pot fi abordate cu fiecare dintre aceștia (Research supervision), dar și datele de contact necesare sunt disponibile AICI.

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Past events

Call for papers: Embracing Linguistic and Cultural Diversity through English

12-15 October 2017

Iași and Cernivtsi

Discourse on linguistic and cultural diversity is by no means new and the topic has been approached from the most diverse angles of investigation: from cultural studies, anthropology and linguistics to literature, translation studies and foreign language teaching –if we were to mention some of the disciplines that are closest to this area of research. Despite its recurrence, though, the subject is far from losing its high relevance at a time when cultural and linguistic identities are constantly challenged by the powerful – and inevitable – phenomenon of globalization. Moreover, the interdisciplinary potential of the topic makes it still attractive to further multifaceted research and thought-provoking inquiries.

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