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About us...

The Department of English Language and Literature is the largest foreign language department of the Faculty of Letters, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, and one of the most important in Romania. 

It has highly enthusiastic, fully qualified members in the main specializations at undergraduate and MA levels that it offers, i.e. English Language and Literature, American Studies, Translation Studies, Terminology, Interpreting and Applied Linguistics.These are also the main areas of study and research for our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

There is considerable opportunity for staff members and students to participate in research groups, conferences and other activities. The peer-reviewed printed and e-journal LINGUACULTURE is one of our successful projects – to which both outstanding Romanian and international scholars as well as successful MA and PhD graduates have contributed.

The Department of English of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi was set up in 1925 when Iancu (Ioan) Botez (1872-1947) was appointed professor of English literature and civilization.



  • Orar Engleză A / Timetable English Majors

    Orar genericOrarele pentru specializările de licență Engleză A (Limbă și literatură, Limbi moderne aplicate) și Studii americane, alături de cele pentru masteratele oferite de Catedra de limba engleză sunt disponibile accesând link-ul următor:





  • The English Department at a British Shakespeare Association Event

    Members of the English Department - Professor Odette BlumenfeldDr Iulia MilicăDr Florina NăstaseDr Veronica Popescu - and Dr Ioana Baciu, from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, as well as Ana-Maria Iftimie (doctoral student), Darius Brașov,  Ioana Danielescu, Lăcrămioara Dominte, and Andrei Hurgheș (undergraduate students), all representting the English Department, participated in an online event organised in partnership with the British Shakespeare Association.
    The event (www.britishshakespeare.ws/events/4315/) commemorated the life and work of a dear friend of the English Department, Professor Michael Hattaway, also a member of the Advisory Board of the LINGUACULTURE Journal, who made a significant book donation to the department, now the Professor Michael Hattaway Collection.
    Our students made quite an impression on the attendees with the short video below: