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9th - 11th November 2023
lasi, Romania

Screenshot 2023 05 01 220738On the 60th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis, as well as the 10th year since our first Symposium, the sixth C. S. Lewis conference C. S. Lewis - the Reenchanted Academic addresses topics related to the scholarship of C. S. Lewis and his kindred spirits as members of academia: biographical particulars; vocations as literary/cultural historians and critics; specific attention to the influence of Medieval and Renaissance ages in their writing -- academic, theological, and otherwise; their perspectives on pedagogy and education (higher education in particular); their perspectives on the academic as tutor and mentor. We invite papers in the fields of literary history and criticism, cultural studies and arts studies, linguistics, aesthetics, theology, history, ethics, and education sciences, that will invite constructive dialogues between disciplines and generate constructive responses to contemporary dilemmas.

Conferinta CousineauCatedra de limba și literatura engleză și Centrul Linguaculture vă invită să participați joi6 aprilie 2023, în Sala Ferdinand, la Conferința Legenda Meșterului Manole - A Romanian Ballad Immured in World Literature, susținută de profesorul emerit Thomas J. Cousineau de la Washigton College, Maryland, Statele Unite ale Americii. Profesorul T.J. Cousineau este autorul a numeroase articole și cărți de specialitate în domeniul criticii literare, printre care se numără Waiting for Godot: Form in Movement (1990), Ritual Unbound: Reading Sacrifice in Modernist Fiction (2004) sau Three-part Inventions: The Novels of Thomas Bernhard (2008).
Conferința va fi susținută cu ocazia lansării volumului The Séance of Reading: Uncanny Designs in Modernist Writing și va fi moderată de conf.univ.dr. Iulia Milică.

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