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Timetable 2017 1În primele săptămâni de studiu, orarul poate suferi modificări. Vă rugăm să consultaţi actualizările de pe site şi de la avizierul facultăţii.

Mult succes în noul an!

Orar anul I Engleză A - Timetable 1st year English majors (actualizat 06.10.2017)

Orar anul II Engleză A - Timetable 2nd year English majors (actualizat 06.10.2017)

Orar anul III Engleză A - Timetable 3rd year English majors

Orar Masterat Didactica 

Orar Masterate Studii Americane şi Traductologie (actualizat 06.10.2017)


Reading RoomSummer is officially over and we are two weeks away from the start of the new academic year. Before you get totally wrapped up in morose thoughts about how the careless summer days have passed so quickly, we've got some good news in store.
No more uncomfortable chairs and bleak old desks reminiscent of a Dickens novel! With the help of the United States Embassy in Bucharest (and owing to the efforts of Lecturer Lorelei Caraman and her team of restless volunteers), the Reading Room now awaits you with brand new comfy and modern ones. Also, we plan on finally setting up those long-awaited extracurricular activities we've been discussing for some time. Which one of these would you be more tempted to join this academic year?
- Study Groups & Tutoring Activities
- Debate Club
- Book Club
- Poetry Club
- Public Speaking Club
- Drama Club
- Contemporary Culture and Diversity Club

Please leave us your thoughts on the Reading Room Facebook page.
If you have suggestions of other extracurricular activities you'd like to take part in, we'd be more than happy to hear them out!

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