Going East: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Travel and Intercultural Communication

4-5 June 2015

This conference was organised under the project “East-North Travel and Intercultural Communication in Europe” (ENTICE) funded from the EEA and Norway Grants. It will be followed by the Second ENTICE Conference on Travel and Intercultural Communication in Europe „Going North”, to take place in Halden, Norway in 2016.
The project “East-North Travel and Intercultural Communication in Europe” (ENTICE) offers a theory and practice of European cultural diversity and exchange through an institutional cooperation building on and contributing to the cultural heritage of travel and mobility in Europe.
Drawing on a number of academic fields, ENTICE aims to promote intercultural competence, a competence that is vital in today’s Europe. The people of Europe have never travelled to the enormous extent that we see at present. In addition, war and unrest have forced numerous Europeans to flee their countries for a new future elsewhere in Europe. It goes without saying that for us to live in peace together, we need also to understand and respect each other. This is where ENTICE proposes to make a contribution.

The project proposes a series of integrated events on the topic of travel and intercultural communication, including academic conferences and publications. The planned conferences will approach literal and figurative mobility from an interdisciplinary perspective, addressing the role of travel and/as intercultural communication in the creation of a European heritage and the acknowledgement of European cultural diversity. Special focus will be placed on travel and intercultural communication in and between Eastern and Northern Europe.

The project ENTICE is funded by the EEA Grants and Norway Grants.

To find out more about the conference and the ENTICE project, please click here.

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