Call for papers: INTERCULTURALIA Symposium for Students and Young Researchers

Site micThe English and French Departments of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, in collaboration with the Applied Linguistics Unit in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, have the great pleasure of extending an open invitation to the second edition of our symposium for students and young researchers. Like last year, we aim at providing an open forum, where the voices of students and young researchers alike may be heard, and where their ideas may flow and intersect freely.

Ours is a context of increasing turmoil, and the ever-growing shortcomings, communication and comprehension-wise, are such that the exchanges between partners in dialogue are becoming more and more cumbersome. Rather than burning bridges and restricting access, we find ourselves more and more in need of building new ones and mending those we have. The microcosm of the academia presents itself as an incubator for these efforts.

It is this spirit that fuels our academic encounter, bringing us together in a fertile dialogue and interaction of ideas, as representatives of a variety of disciplines, with a range of different focuses come together in a discussion revolving around the notion of “interculturality” and its definitions, references, stakes, and perils.

The application for the symposium is open for students of all levels (BA, MA, PhD) and for young researchers who are at the beginning of their academic career and who, thus, will all be given the chance to stand before a perceptive and knowledgeable audience.

With its well-equipped and spacious premises, the venue provided by our university is an important factor of prestige and cohesion. The opportunity of having your work selected for publication in the conference volume is also an aspect of significance, and constitutes a further reason to participate.

One of our guiding spirits, whose work served as inspiration for the topic of our symposium, is Alberto Manguel. A voracious reader from a very early age, Manguel remembers that once he “thought it would be amusing to construct a history of literature, exploring, for instance, the relationships between Aristotle, Auden, Jane Austen and Marcel Aymé, or between Chesterton, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Borges, Saint John of the Cross and Lewis Carroll (among those I most enjoy).” For him, literature is the best form of communication across time and space.

Furthermore, books are arguably the best tools for creating a universe of concepts and ideas, where the notions of multicultural, pluricultural and intercultural diversity coexist and complement one another marvelously.


May 4-5, 2018


Iași, Romania


Students at all levels (BA, MA, PhD) and from all backgrounds. Possible fields of study may include, but are not limited to, humanities, social studies and political sciences:

  • Film and Adaptation Studies
    Media and Communication Studies
    Cultural Studies (Inter-American / American Studies, Francophone studies)
    Translation Studies
    Gender Studies
    Rewriting / Intertextuality
    Multicultural / pluricultural / intercultural studies
    Intercultural communication (in business and other fields)

The working languages of the symposium will be English and French.


Please fill out the Google Form which will include your abstract (approx. 200 words) by April 10th, 2018, 23:59.



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