Call for applications: WeTell Summer School (Bologna, Italy)

SummerSchoolThe Utrecht Network WeTell Summer School will be held from the 4th to the 15th of June 2018 in Bologna (Italy) and will release 6 CFU-ECTS.
At the WeTell Summer School, students will explore theories and practices of performative storytelling to funnel thoughts, ideas and experiences. In particular, the following themes and questions will be dealt with:

*  Is the Medium the Message? Oral, written, and digital tools.
*  Media as environments: are friendly technologies truly friendly?

*  Narcissus Narcosis: are you a conscious citizen?
*  Form of communication/form of societies: local, global, glocal.
*  We all tell stories: do you understand mine?
*  Experiencing intercultural and inter-generational practices of telling.
*  How to apply Performative Storytelling to social troubleshooting/problem-solving
*  Technological divide & multicultural societies
*  The WeTell Summer School is addressed to students in: Literary studies, ICT, Arts and Performing Arts, Education, Graphic Design/Architecture, History, Languages and Linguistics, Media/Communication, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Life & Cognitive Sciences … and many more!
Priority will be given to students in their SECOND CYCLE of study and THIRD CYCLE (PhD, Second Level Master); however, depending on availability and motivational statement, students in their FIRST CYCLE of study can also be accepted.

Thanks to the support of the UTRECHT NETWORK, students can enrol at a particularly accessible fee of 800 Euros, covering all course costs, tuitions, accommodation (in double room) and board for the entire period of the Summer School.
Travel arrangements have to be made and paid for individually.
You will stay at Ospitalità S. Tommaso (4 minute walk from the University and the city centre).

IMPORTANT: Summer Schools grants (250 Euros each) are available through the Utrecht Network.

For further information, please see the event's website here.


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