Adrian Poruciuc began his career in 1971, at the Department of English of  Universitatea “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iaşi (UAIC). He got his full  professorship in 2008. Before he retired from teaching, in 2013, he had taught  ten different courses at UAIC. He presented at many congresses and  conferences, in Romania and abroad. He also worked (half-post) for the Romanian Institute of Thracian Studies (Bucharest) and, subsequently, for the  Institute of Archaeology (Iaşi). At present he still supervises PhD theses at the Faculty of History of UAIC. Most of Professor Poruciuc’s books and articles  represent the fields of historical linguistics, Indo-European studies and  archaeomythology. Some of his most significant volumes are the following:  Prehistoric Roots of Romanian and Southeast European Traditions (Sebastopol,  CA, 2010), A Concise History of the English Language (Iaşi, 2004), Limbă şi  istorie engleză (Iaşi,1999), Archaeolinguistica (Bucureşti, 1995). He lectured at  a number of foreign universities, including University of Chicago (as Fulbright  Visiting Scholar, 1990-1992), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,  Universidad de la Laguna, Nov Bălgarski Universitet. He became Fellow per la Letteratura, Compagnia di San Paolo – Bogliasco, Italy (2003) and Fellow of the  Institute of Archaeomythology, Sebastopol, California (2005). He also belongs  to the editorial boards of The Journal of Indo-European Studies and Mankind  Quarterly.

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